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Cape Blend Reserve Drift Fusion Wins International Award

Wine is one of the world’s oldest and most enjoyable beverages.  It is also the most written about, studied, opined and debated. The art of blending different cultivars into a wine that is balanced, consistent and ultimately drinkable is an age-old tradition. Many recognised blends have been made for centuries in their region of origin and may be replicated all over the world.

Planting different grape varieties with different strengths was a way to insure against disease or unforeseen weather.  For example, cabernet sauvignon may produce a great wine in a warm year, but merlot by perform better in a cooler year.  The modern appellation laws in Bordeaux permit only 6 red grape cultivars to be grown there, and a blend of any two or more of these cultivars is considered to be a Bordeaux blend.

When making a single cultivar wine there is also the option to blend 2 or more components of the same variety. These components may differ due to picking dates, vineyard treatments or clonal selection to name just a few.  Clones are generic transformations within a cultivar that produce the same variety,  but with slightly different characteristics. Planting different clones and blending them can add complexity to a single cultivar wine, with each clone potentially benefitting from a different aspect of terrioir that is particularly suited due to its adjustment.

South African wine producers established a Cape blend style  just over a decade ago. 

(no legislation, which requires between 30% and 70% of Pinotage as a component to qualify as such)

Blending wines can enhance aromas, colour, texture, body and finish, making a more rounded and complex wine. Blend components  could have been aged in oak barrels, fermented separately or just harvested in different phases of ripeness.

There is evidence to suggest that red wine in moderation is good for health. Resveratrol which is a natural component of red wine appears to contribute to a reduction in the risk for heart disease, cancer, and certain other diseases.

Alvi’s Drift Reserve Drift Fusion is a cabernet dominated Cape Blend ensuring that the classic Bordeaux variety is complimented with a minimum of 30% Cape’s own grape, Pinotage This blend is enhanced with and a small amount of petite verdot. This classic cape blend is full of ripe blackberries, mulberries and plums which are integrated with vanilla and cashew nut characters through oak maturation. This blend is a perfect companion for red meat, game, duck and mature cheese. The wine is ready for immediate consumption, but will improve for several years with careful cellaring.


Alvi’s Drift Reserve Drift Fusion Most Recent Accolades

AD Drift Fusion 2012

  • Gold Award in the International Wine Guide for Spain 2016

AD Drift Fusion 2013

  • Double Gold Award in the Top 100 SA Wines 2016
  • Gold Award in the International Wine Guide for Spain 2016

Try this classic cape blend with this delicious recipe:


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