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Are online wine sales growing a viral vine?

Are online wine sales growing a viral vine? It certainly would appear so. With the growing trend of new age retail habits, preferences and customs of the maturing millennial generation – spreading to practically all the other generations, it would appear that online purchasing is fast becoming the most trendy style of shopping, globally.

“Where did you get this?” We asked in relation to a lovely glass of wine that we recently enjoyed at a rather fancy wine-pairing dinner party.  Obviously our question directly related to which estate was chosen for this delectable wine,  though strangely, yet most amusingly our host simply replied “Online!”

It took us a while to wonder why she never chose to use the name of the wine estate, or perhaps even the online shop she had had her virtual tour in, but she had automatically assumed that we literally meant “where” and thus she only said “online”. It was in the light of this that we decided to focus on the increasing retail charm and value of buying your wine online.

Who buys wine online?

Let us remember that there is a somewhat overlapping yet semi- invisible distinction between wine lovers. There are those that simply love wine, the everyday wine lovers – and these tend to be the younger generation who for the most part, have only had a reasonably short relationship with the product thus far. Then there are those who are a little more choosy about which wines they prefer – the mid 30’s to 40’s perhaps – and it’s in this area that we begin to see a cross-over if you may, of a definite maturity in the market place. As the generations mature you find greater level of respect for wines – both in consumption and brand. If we must make a slightly stereotypical mention of the third tier in the wine-lovers hierarchy, it would have to be those (sometimes a little snooty) yet marvelously talented connoisseurs – displaying an extremely selective manner in choice and certainly operate with purchasing habits and value exchange quite different to the earlier mentioned everyday wine lovers! But the one single thing that has successfully managed to snag all of the above in the cleverly constructed wine producers marketing nets – are online wine sales!

It wasn’t all that long ago when the very concept of purchasing your goods online (anything for that matter) was either frowned upon or considered only with a healthy dose of skepticism. In the process of such an online purchase (often under some form of duress) you would type in your credit card details whilst carefully and most hesitantly making your way through the virtual stages of your online purchase. Let’s face it, in the back of our minds, we would be contemplating the unnecessary risk involved in acquiring our desired products and in so doing losing our credit card details and all the money in the bank to the dexterous thieves of the dark online underworld!

Remember when they’d say “If it’s PayPal, you’re safe”?

Well, we’ve certainly progressed since then – and thankfully so! Not that there aren’t any more virtual criminals out there – but online shopping programs and their security features have definitely got wise to them. (most of them anyway) In today’s world, the online shopping feature is becoming more and more accessible and reliable from almost any website that has a tangible or non-tangible product or service to sell. Together with the fast-paced working and living environments we now find ourselves in and the very idea of not having to find the time to go to a store, park and then physically search for what you’re looking for is quite simply the very reason why we take great delight in being offered the online option!

The benefits of online shopping are endless. Imagine working a long hard day with only the smallest of window periods in which to challenge the traffic, fetch the kids and pick up something for supper along the way home, a wine shop is not going to make it into this routine! Or you’re in such a hurry to get home that the very idea of picking up a nice bottle of wine is quickly vaporised by the urgency of all the domestic chores awaiting – so any old plonk from the store will have to do! With everyday modern chaos like this, the very idea that you could have ordered exactly what you wanted online during your lunch break – and have it waiting for you at home when you get there is simply profound.

Online shops are open 24/7.

One of the most common times of engagement for online shoppers is at night. Consider that whilst your are lying in your bed, once everyone is fed, bathed and settled – and the world around you is finally quiet and peaceful – you are able to browse through everything available, at your leisure and without any disturbance make your selection in your own time… Isn’t this just exactly what shopping should be all about – a pleasant experience?

When it comes to buying wine online, the very mention of this splendid option lifts my spirits no end! (Virtually, not literally that is). If you were to consider and compare the distance you would need to travel, the time you would require and the research that may be necessary in order for you to purchase some choice wines directly from a wine estate or two, you would probably need a whole weekend – if not more! In addition, you would most likely be geographically restricted to only a selection of wine estates that you could possibly access in your said time frame. Not that visiting wine estates is a drag of any kind – but the very purpose and pleasure should be reserved to that of a pleasant experience, an intended social excursion, where you are relaxed, can take your time and certainly not a painful quest in order to find the right bottle of wine to buy!

Perhaps you don’t often get the time to visit your favourite Wine estate cellar door directly? – or in most cases you’re not even close to where they are located. Yes, sometimes that problem may be solved by the wine shop down the road, but what if they have no more of what you’re looking for? – or, still worse – no one stocks the newest release, the exclusive reserves, the boutique collections or simply something marvelous that you tasted somewhere! This is where online wine shops make the world a better place!

Gone are the days that you have to worry about how you’ll get your hands on a specific bottle of wine! Most wine producers have quickly cottoned on to this trendy and fast-growing style of retail therapy and as such have wisely compiled their online wine shop facilities to meet your needs. Not only is this a magnificent convenience for the most part – but now you can also get your wines at cellar door prices! Sparing you the agony of searching, driving around, time and the rest of it, you can simply have your choice of wines delivered to your door – ultimately saving you a fortune in time and money! (And all the more reason to buy a case or two more)

online wine sales

Bottled benefits!

The added value of being able to buy your wine online is endless! Firstly you are able to search for exactly which wine producer you are looking for. You can then read everything about them, comprehensive details of their wines, tasting notes, food suggestions and more. Then if curious or necessary you can even enjoy a good old read-up of their history, information on the winemaker, production methods, farming techniques, the list is almost endless. How often haven’t you picked up a bottle of wine and made your judgement on the face value of the label? Sadly there is only so much that can be printed on a label, so without the producer being at fault, it is what it is, a short introduction at best. With online wine shopping you no longer have to make your choice based on the limited information of a back label because everything you wish to know is right there before your eyes!

Where more is more? In addition, you are also able to browse through the producers’ entire selection of wines, as opposed to being restricted by choice because most wine stores are only able to stock limited items. The price of course is one of the strongest motivating factors – because fortunately for you the online shopper, in most instances you are able to purchase your wines at the same price that you would pay if you were visiting their cellar door! Lastly – and this is most certainly our favourite part – you pay a minimal fee to have your wine conveniently delivered directly to your door! With the healthy competition amongst those in the courier business, prices seem to be getting better and better!

In the event that you are buying wines for a friend or relative, the process will also allow you to put in a delivery address of your choice – making it so much easier for you to deliver directly to the person you wish to spoil! Now isn’t this a convenience worth celebrating?

To find your favourite wine supplier is simple – Google it.

From there on you’re in the door and the steps to making your purchase are straight forward enough for anyone to master. Search the top (or in some cases the side panel) of their home page to find their wine shop. This may be termed “Our wines”, “Online shop”, “Buy online” or any other easily understood portal name giving you instant access to your vinous retail pleasure. From there on you can view their wines, click away into your shopping basket and conclude your purchase. No queues, no trolleys, no parking guard and off you go! In very many instances you may also find pre-selected combinations of wines or promotional specials that would otherwise not necessarily have been available in a wine store. Many wine estates reserve some of their more exclusive wines to only retailing online, often because of small production volumes, limited releases or it being the last of their remaining stocks. Either way, your choice options could not be better other than personally visiting the estate itself.
Enjoy the experience! Once you have discovered the delightful ease and convenience of online wine shopping, you’re likely to never turn back. Enjoy the endless offerings and benefits of buying from your favourite producer without having to make the journey to their estate or having to search endless wine shops in the process. We at Alvi’s Drift are pleased to share with you our wine shop and invite you to visit us any day, any time! New releases, promotions and exclusive wines are but a click away.


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