Veritas awards 2021


Veritas awards 2021

The Veritas Awards started in 1991 and gives recognition to wines and brandies of exceptional quality and the distinctive Veritas symbol of excellence serves as an authoritative quality guideline for wine and brandy connoisseurs. Gold and Double Gold awards are of significant value to the wine industry as well, as it offers a prestigious image for the wine, winery and winemaker, brandy and brandy masters and contributes to growth in sales

The following results were awarded to us:

Alvis Drift 221 Chenin Blanc – Double Gold
Alvis Drift Albertus Viljoen Bismarck- Gold
Alvis Drift Albertus Viljoen Chenin Blanc – Gold
Alvis Drift Muscat Nectarinia – Gold

The results were announced at an informal luncheon in Paarl, like last year, featuring 88 Double Gold and 147 Gold medals amidst an atmosphere of excitement about the awarded wines and brandies following the crippling past two years’ Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

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