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Platter Wine Guide visits Worcester

Platter Wine Guide Evening

Winemaker Dr. Alvi van der Merwe and Cellar Master Henk Swart attended an informal function hosted by the Platter Wine Guide last night.

The informal function was held at Pinotage and Pepper Restaurant, situated in the old Wynhuisie on Kleinplasie.  Here the tasters were able to mingle with the producers. Everyone was able to enjoy a glass of exceptional quality wine produced from the Worcester Region. A region that is regularly producing great wine at an affordable price.

Regional tastings used to improve Platter Wine Guide

Regional tastings are one of several positive outcomes of an open forum held in April 2009, when Platter Wine Guide tasting procedures were explained and suggestions regarding improvements and the way forward sought from producers, the guide’s users and other stakeholders.

“One of the initiatives coming out of that forum was to taste wines – as far as possible – in the region in which the grapes were grown and the wines made, at an agreed-upon venue and observing all Platter Wine Guide rules,” explained regional tasting team leader Cathy van Zyl MW.


Just over 100 wines were reviewed by team leader Cathy van Zyl and David Biggs for the Worcester Region.

The South African Platter Wine Guide 2014, to be published in November, marks the 34th year to who’s and what’s in the wine-lands.

The Platter Wine Guide was started in 1980 by John and Erica Platter. It is currently owned by Diners Club International and has sold over 1 million copies. The 600 page book is still the main offering. However, these days you can also find the Platter Wine Guide online, on Twitter and on Facebook. So for in depth knowledge on wine and honest taste notes, get your Platters’.

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