Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) Notification

As the South African Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) will officially be enforced on 1 July 2021, ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD herewith notifies all customers, suppliers and third parties of the compliance hereto.


The POPI Act is intended to promote the right to privacy while at the same time, protecting the flow of information and the right of access to information. The POPI Act establishes the rights and duties of organisations to collect and use personal data for business balanced against the right of individuals to have their personal details respected. This notification sets out how personal information will be collected, used and protected by ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD as required by the POPI Act.


The personal information that ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD requires relates to names and surnames, birth dates, identity numbers, demographic information, occupation information, physical addresses, email addresses and telephone contact details.

This information may be used for the verification of the customer, supplier and third-party details and where appropriate, to conduct credit checks. The customer, supplier and third party acknowledge and hold the right to request a list of the names and addresses of a potential recipient/s of the information and to review and correct the information. Customers, suppliers and third parties acknowledge that the collection, processing and transfer of the information is important to enforce the contractual relationship with ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD.


All personal information will be held securely. Whenever ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD commissions other organisations to provide support services, ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD will conclude a written agreement with the operator to establish and maintain confidentiality and security measures to ensure the integrity of personal information.


Should ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD become aware that personal information has been compromised in any way, we will notify you accordingly as well as the relevant Regulatory Authorities within the prescribed timelines. As part of the notification of the breach, ALVI’S DRIFT WINES INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD will advise of the nature of the breach and what actions may be taken to protect your information.


Privacy Statement 

We are fully committed to keeping your private information totally secure. Authorized in-house staff members on a “need to know” basis are the only ones who may use the information provided by individual customers. We continually review our data and systems to be sure that we are providing the best service possible to our customers. Our lawmakers have created specific offenses for any unauthorised activity involving computer systems and data. We will aggressively investigate any such activity with a view towards prosecuting and/or proceeding with civil actions to get justice and/or recover damages from all culpable parties.


We regard Client records as confidential and thus, will not be divulging these to any third party except for our manufacturer and supplier(s) and if legally forced, to the appropriate authorities.
Clients have the right to see and have copies of all Client Records of theirs that we keep, providing that they give us reasonable notice of their request. We request Clients to keep copiers of any paperwork issued as it relates to the services we provide. When appropriate, we shall give Clients the appropriate handouts, written information, copies of records as agreed, for their benefit as well as ours.
We will not share, sell, or rent the personal information you have trusted us with to any third party. We will not send you unsolicited messages to your email address. The only emails you will receive from us will be in conjunction with the provision of agreed products and services.

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