Great Value Sauvignon Takes Golden Double

Sauvignon Blanc is a green skinned white wine variety believed to have originated in the South West of France. The earliest recordings of the variety seem to come from the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, the latter where it is frequently blended with semillon.

The more common synonyms for this white wine are Beyaz Sauvignon, Blanc Doux, Blanc Fume’ and in Italy, Bordeaux bianco.

The French meaning for Sauvignon is ‘wild’, most likely because the vines were originally found growing wild and Blanc meaning ‘white’.


It has enjoyed a revival since the 1980’s due to the highly aromatic expressions of the variety produced in New Zealand and in particular, the Marlborough region. The relationship proved mutually beneficial as it put New Zealand on the world winemaking map.

Sauvignon Blanc has been planted  extensively all over the world where it performs well in the cooler regions of Australia, South Africa and Chile.

It has become very popular with wine producers of the Southern Hemisphere, with vast plantings over the past ten to fifteen years.

Interestingly, Sauvignon Blanc (Sauvignon) and Cabernet Franc (Cabernet) are the parents of the world renowned Cabernet Sauvignon.

Alvi’s Drift is well known for producing remarkable award winning wines at reasonable prices and our Signature 2016 Sauvignon Blanc received gold awards the Gold Wine Awards 2016 and the Vitis Vinifera Competition 2016.

The 2016 white shows a pale straw colour with a slight green hue. It is  light, fruity and elegant  with hints of cut grass and asparagus and is best served chilled as an aperitif or with seafood and salads.  It is the perfect partner to South Africa’s weather and outdoor lifestyle with aromas of cut grass and asparagus.

Our Sauvignon Blanc is 5% off from 20- 30 September 2016. You can purchase the wine from our online shop and have it delivered to your door within 3- 5 working days.

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