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Truckloads of Wine Online at our Wine Store

With a mere three to five days delivery time in Johannesburg and Cape Town and seven days for outlying areas, who can resist the temptation of an online Wine Store? If you live in Cape Town or Johannesburg it could be  only 1 day for delivery.

Stock up your underground cellar and order a minimum of six bottles of your favourite Pinotage or Cabernet Sauvignon and make sure you never run dry.

An Online Wine Store is just so convenient

The attraction of online shopping is that consumers can purchase just about anything from the comfort of their own homes and wines are no exception. Have your payment details ready and online shopping is naturally at your finger tips with the Alvi’s Drift wine store available 24 hours.

In the 21st century’s digital landscape  more savvy consumers own tablets and smart phones. It’s imperative for Wine Stores to maintain an impressive digital presence. Making it  infinitely easier for customers to order their favorite case of wine.  Such as Alvi’s Drift easy to use online wine store facility. Just choose, click, pay and then sit back  and relax as that truckload of Chardonnay or Pinotage is delivered to your doorstep. Whether you are in Springs or Springbok.


The tremendous reputation of Alvi’s Drift Red and White Wines speak for themselves. Along with the gorgeous blends and range of sparkling wines, the Online Wine Store is a place to definitely browser bookmark. So that desired purchase is always accessible.

Our award winning wines are even now more affordable when you order them online. Click, pay and it’s on the way from our wine store to your door. The future is now and it doesn’t get more convenient than your own personal online wine store.


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