Alvi’s Drift is more than a wine farm. It’s a promise.

The story of Alvi’s Drift wine farm is one of sustainability.

Alvis Drift Winery

Our Location

In Scherpenheuvel, situated in the cooler southern reaches of the Breede River Valley, lies Alvi’s Drift.

This fertile land is home to three generations of the Van der Merwe family. Resplendent with natural beauty and an abundance of indigenous plants, animals and birdlife, the land stewarded by the Van der Merwe family is a buzzing agricultural hub.



Apart from 410 hectares of Alvi’s Drift vineyards, our farm is also home to some 500 employees and their families, a school, crèche, community centre, large commercial dairy and cheese factory, stone fruit and citrus orchards, assorted livestock herds, and a selection of free-roaming game that includes eland, springbok, oryx, ostrich, black wildebeest, and zebra.

Alvis Drift Winery

“The Breede River is the living heart that throbs through all our farms. It’s the reason Oupa Alvi picked this land back in 1928. This river is a lifeline, not just for our family, but for everyone who farms in the region.”

- Junel van der Merwe -


Passionate about cultivating the best fruit possible from which to create Alvi’s Drift’s internationally acclaimed, award-winning wines, Alvi and wife Junel are also deeply committed to environmental conservation and sustainability, continuously taking measures to lower both the farm and winery’s carbon footprint.

Through sustainable farming practices across multiple agricultural disciplines, they play a committed role investing in the land for future generations.

Alvis Drift Winery

“We put a lot of organic matter back into our soil. We have a big cattle herd, so we use the manure to fertilise our orchards and vineyards. This way earthworms and other microorganisms can get to work penetrating the soil, aerating it by drilling small holes to allow in water and nutrients.”

- Alvi van der Merwe -

Alvis Drift Winery


The farming operation produces its own maize and cattle fodder, using manure from its dairy herd to not only provide a rich source of fertilising nutrients for the Alvi’s Drift vineyards, but to also maintain and improve the overall health of the soils. This practice also helps to ensure that intervention is kept to a minimum.

“We farm and make wine the way we live, hand in hand with nature. We’re custodians of this land, and we’re serious about protecting our natural heritage.”

- Junel van der Merwe -