Welcome to our Wine Education Series

Presented by wine maker, Alvi van der Merwe, and renowned local wine expert, Junel van der Merwe

Alvi’s Drift Wine Education Video Series

In this series, you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about everything wine – from how to open a bottle of wine and how to hold a wine glass to tips for storing wines at home and pairing wines with food. We’ll even show you how to sabrage a bottle of bubbly!

How to Open a Wine Bottle

How to Taste Wine

How to Propertly Pour Wine

How to Order Wine

How to Store Wine

Pairing Food with White Wine

Pairing Food with Sparkling Wine

How to Avoid a Red Wine Hangover

Does white wine have more sugar than red?

Can I drink wine after a workout?

Can wine cause allergy symptoms?

What is Cap Classique wine?

What's the difference between Cap Classique and sparkling wine?

Can you sabrage with a knife?

How to Open Sparkling Wine