Discover South Africa’s very own variety, Pinotage red wine

This vibrant, medium bodied red wine is known for its juicy dark fruit flavours and smoky nuances.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pinotage Wine in South Africa

When wine enthusiasts enquire about “good South African red wine”, Pinotage is often the very first suggested to them. And this is not only due to Pinotage red wine being extremely palatable. As an expressive dry red wine famed for its black fruit flavours and complex smoky notes, Pinotage also boasts a fascinating origin.

This intriguing grape cultivar is a uniquely South African innovation, resulting from the crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsault grapes by Stellenbosch’s first Professor of Viticulture, Abraham Izak Perold, in 1924. Today, Pinotage is held in high esteem by wine enthusiasts, not just in South Africa, but all around the globe.

Blackberry, Raspberry, Smoked Meat, and Coffee Undertones

Pinotage wine is famous for its unique flavour profile. Sometimes referred to as “South Africa’s chameleon wine”, this singular, classic red wine can vary from lively and accessible, to substantial and mature.

When Pinotage grapes are cultivated in cooler climates, this medium bodied red wine can unleash an array of fresh, red fruit flavours. And when grown in warmer regions, Pinotage can evolve into jammy, dark fruit flavours. Fine, oak-aged Pinotage wines are known to yield layers of spice and vanilla, while well-matured Pinotage may bring forth hints of chocolate, smoked meat, coffee beans and leather.

Intriguingly, some Pinotage wines even impart a hint of banana or tropical fruit. The deep purple Pinotage grape, identified by its slightly thicker skin, has been known to thrive in South Africa’s varied terroirs.

Alvis Drift Winery
Alvis Drift Winery

The Distinct Charm of South African Pinotage

Pinotage’s unique flavour profile and versatility have made it extremely popular with red wine enthusiasts worldwide. Pinotage produced in the Western Cape, in particular, has earned a stellar reputation among red wine connoisseurs and experts alike. This medium-bodied red wine, crafted from what has become known as the flagship red grape of South Africa has done much to place our country among the world’s top red wine producers.

Versatile Pinotage is a sublime choice alongside grilled meat and barbecue dishes, stews, and even spicy cuisine. It also pairs wonderfully with hearty vegetable dishes and mature cheeses.

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Pinotage is more than simply another quality red wine. Rich in history and tradition, over the years, this unique cultivar has become an ambassador of sorts for South African red wine. 

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