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A medium-bodied, dry red wine known for its aromas of black fruit and spicy notes

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The Essential Guide to South African Shiraz

Shiraz, a dry red wine known for its flavours of dark fruit, berries and spice, boasts a fascinating history. Initially, it was believed to date back to Persia (modern-day Iran) 6 000 years ago. However, in 1999, the Shiraz varietal was established to be the offspring of two lesser-known grape varietals from southeastern France, Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche. Today, South African Shiraz is held in high regard around the world, with our country producing many superb wines from this tradition-rich cultivar.

Dark Fruit, Pepper, Spice and Floral Notes

Shiraz red wine in South Africa tends to have a pronounced acidity and a refined overall structure.  The primary flavours of this fragrant, medium bodied red wine often include dark fruit, complemented by subtle notes of spice. Some Shiraz wines display subtle floral hints of violet or lily, with savoury undertones like black olive tapenade or bacon fat.

The exceptional quality of Shiraz red wine in South Africa is owed in no small part to skilled local winemakers who make the most of our country’s unique and highly diverse terroir. These craftsmen and -women bring forth  Shiraz wines that can proudly hold their own alongside the best in the world.

Alvis Drift Winery
Alvis Drift Winery

Shiraz Wine and Barbecued Meat Make a Perfect Pairing

The versatile and expressive Shiraz grape’s large thick-skinned berries are typically known for spicy, black fruit flavours and smooth tannins. Known to flourish in cooler terroirs, at altitude or near the coast, Shiraz also thrives in warmer growing regions.

Shiraz grapes are cultivated in all wine-producing areas of South Africa, with noticeable differences between flavour profiles and structure, depending on where it was grown.

Because the Shiraz vine is so exceptionally hardy and adaptable, it comes as no surprise that Shiraz is one of the most widely planted grape cultivars around the globe.

Shiraz red wine in South Africa is especially popular with wine enthusiasts who also enjoy a traditional outdoor braai. The reason for this? When it comes to food pairing, Shiraz wine is known for excellently complementing smoky barbecued meat dishes.

“A subtlety and elegance rarely found in New World wines”

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