Alvi’s Drift 221 Range Launched on 31 October 2018

The 221 Collection Introduces a new style of wine and honours the founder of the family farm, Alvi van der Merwe.

Alvi’s Drift 221 Range Launched on 31 October 2018

Alvi’s Drift is a family owned farm nestled on the banks of the Bree river in a quiet valley outside Worcester.  A short drive from the town through the quiet village of Rawsonville leads you to the low-level bridge or “Drift” from which the farm gets its name. The Farm has a rich history of award winning wines and legendary characters reaching back to 1928. Since its inception, Alvis Drift has remained steadfast to its winning values of over-delivering on expectations.

True to these values, using the freshest fruit and winemaking skill and reaching back into the misty legends from the inception of the farm, comes the newest addition to the family – a collection branded Alvi’s Drift 221 -a number that combines a lot of freshness and complexity of modern wine with the story of a legend from the dawn of the family farm, Alfalfa – home to Alvis Drift wines.


The 221 Collection Introduces a new Style of Wine and Honours the Founder of the Family Farm, Alvi van der Merwe

In 1928, the All-Black rugby team, known as the “invincibles”, was unassailable. They arrived on the shores of South Africa aboard the Warratah after completing an undefeated tour of the British Colonies and France expecting to continue this record.

The rugby world was rocked when a young, unknown, 19-year old Albertus Viljoen Van Der Merwe, “Alvi” to his friends, scored the first try in history against the All-blacks on African soil.

Alvis Drift’s charismatic founder gripped the world’s imagination by scoring this try and went on to be selected as the 221st player to play for the South African national rugby team, “the Springboks”. This Springbok team, with Alvi in their ranks turned the tide on the “invincibles” and toured the UK and Europe undefeated.


Alvi’s Farm has Continued this Winning Legacy, Remaining Family Owned Since its Inception, Producing World Class Wines That Deliver Exceptional Quality and Value.

Both the Chenin Blanc 2018 and the Special Cuvee 2017 in the 221 collection are inspired wines. The grapes are carefully selected and handpicked from mature vineyards in the early morning to ensure freshness and the ultimate preservation of taste. Their taste profiles contain the freshness of the now and the experience of the past – blended to make every moment special.

221 Chenin Blanc 2018

The 221 Chenin Blanc 2018 is the marriage of two styles of Alvi’s Drift Chenin blanc – the fresh and lively unwooded Signature Chenin blanc and the stately barrel matured Albertus Viljoen Chenin Blanc. It is a wine that creates a symphony of the best of two worlds and represents a sense of adventure with notes of gravitas. Alvi’s Drift 221 Chenin blanc shows off with a brilliant pale straw colour. Nectarine and peach characters with hints of quince on the nose tantalise the taste buds in anticipation. And it does not disappoint…the wine is elegant and creamy on the palate, well rounded with a long and lingering white fruit and subtle wood finish.

The Special Cuvee 2017

The Special Cuvee 2017 is a gift from the soil of Alvi’s Drift. This terroir wine is made from optimally ripe grapes, which are hand selected in the early morning from the best blocks on the farm. It is partly wooded with playful nuances – a stately wine perfectly complimented by traces of freshness. The 221 Special Cuvee is a Shiraz based wine that is expertly blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Grenache, Durif, Petit Verdot and Viognier. This multi-layered aromatic wine reflects a rich, ripe wine character of plums and red cherries with a subtle note of spice and liquorice. It holds a balance between fruit and velvety soft tannins and has a long red fruit finish.


Both the Chenin Blanc and Special Cuvee in the Alvi’s Drift 221 Collection are Dazzling Companions to Take to any Dinner Party.

The elegant All-black labels possibly hinting at their legendary history set them apart from the rest of the range while a playful lightness of style affords them star status for lunch-time entertainment.

These wines welcome everyone with their serious complexity and fresh, playful undertones. Serving both as a compliment to the times that we live in and honouring the legends of the past, these wines remind you that you never know whether the moment you are living will become legendary. The Alvi’s Drift 221 collection is a perfect partner to celebrate the moment for enjoyment and priced for everyone to enjoy.

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