Recipe: South African Biltong & Wine Pairing

Enhance your biltong and wine pairing experience with this tasty cheese platter and mushroom parfait recipe by Amy and Duart from An Earthen Life.

Recipe: South African Biltong & Wine Pairing

Every South African will tell you – there’s a special place in our hearts for biltong. It’s a go-to snack for road trips and rugby watching, and a guaranteed-to-please gift for Father’s Day. But what if you want to elevate your – or Dad’s – biltong experience with a wine pairing?

We asked foodie duo Amy and Duart from An Earthen Life to create an easy but tastebud-satisfying recipe that includes our country’s beloved biltong and pairs perfectly with Alvi’s Drift wines.


Cheese Platter with Mushroom Parfait Topped with Biltong Shavings and Served with an Alvi’s Drift Wine Pairing

South African wine and biltong are naturally a perfect match. Throw in a crackling indoor fire with a good African hardwood on a cold winter’s evening and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. With that in mind, we want to give you some ideas to add to your snack arsenal.

For the cheese platter, go for a variety of cheeses, preferably something mature and hard – an Emmentaler will work too. Then add a sweet preserve to balance the platter – fig or melon will be a hit.

Our earthy mushroom parfait topped with salty aromatic biltong shavings is great for dipping or smearing. It has a smooth, creamy texture to go with your soft and crispy baguette or crackers.


Here are the ideal Alvi’s Drift wine pairings for the multitude of different taste sensations we’re serving up:

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Mushroom Parfait Recipe

Serves 4-6

Prep time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 20 minutes | Total time: 30 minutes



  • ½ red onion
  • ¼ tsp garlic
  • Pinch thyme
  • 75ml sherry
  • 35ml Alvi’s Drift Reserve Drift Fusion Blend
  • 250g button mushrooms
  • 250g shitake mushrooms
  • 150g butter
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Marinate the onions, garlic and thyme in the Alvi’s Drift.
  2. Cook until the liquid has evaporated, stirring gently to make sure nothing sticks and burns. Set aside.
  3. Cook mushrooms in batches with some olive oil.
  4. Add the butter to pan and combine.
  5. Blitz all the ingredients together until smooth.
  6. Serve topped with biltong shavings and alongside cheese platter and your chosen wine pairings.


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Amy and Duart create food experiences, recipes and content for food and drinks brands. They have a passion for vegetables and growing food using the beauty of nature as a source of inspiration. They are motivated by new experiences and innovative people. They started An Earthen Life in 2014 to share their love for beautiful, nourishing food.

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