Festive Wine Gifts to Best Match Each Type of Wine Aficionado in Your Life

Looking for a gift for a wine enthusiast? We've matched different types of wine lovers with their ideal wine gifts!

Festive Wine Gifts to Best Match Each Type of Wine Aficionado in Your Life

Have you noticed? Wine enthusiasts often share traits with their favourite wines. And whether you’re festive gift shopping for the bubbly sparkling wine lover, proud red wine connoisseur or the witty and wondrous white wine aficionado, Alvi’s Drift has festive wine gifts that are perfect matches for each and every one of them.

Gift browsing in our online shop also means you’ll avoid those boisterous holiday crowds – and your purchases will be delivered straight to your door!

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Now, without further ado – let’s match some different types of wine lovers to their perfect wines and gifts.



The Bubbly Lover of Life

For this enthusiast of all things festive, every moment is a reason for celebration, and who are we to stand in their way? Corks start popping when this person walks through the door! Spoil them with a bottle of our award-winning Alvi’s Drift Brut Cap Classique, or surprise them with a collectable Alvi’s Drift-branded sabrage sword for some festive cork-flying theatrics. We’re sure this bubble-loving bon vivant wouldn’t want to waste a single drop, so why not add a stylish champagne stopper to their Christmas stocking this year?


Our Recommended Wine Gifts:

Sparkling 2-Pack: Alvi’s Drift Sparkling Brut Blanc de Blanc, Brut Rosé & a stylish branded champagne stopper


Alvi’s Drift Sparkling Two-Pack

This delightful festive combo contains our Alvi’s Drift Sparkling Brut Blanc de Blanc and Brut Rosé, plus a stylish branded champagne stopper that will put a sparkle in any bubbly lover’s eye!


Alvi’s Drift Sabrage Sabre

This beautifully crafted, Alvi’s Drift-branded sabrage sabre is sure to add a touch of drama and excitement to any holiday party (or celebratory occasion afterwards, for that matter!).


Alvi’s Drift Champagne Stopper

When the celebrations are over, ensure those bubbles stay put with a chic champagne stopper. This branded beauty will ensure that the lively festive spirit continues well beyond the holidays.


The Red Wine Aficionado

Practical and introspective yet charming, this aficionado is the epitome of sophistication. They’re confident about their preferences and settle for nothing less: after all, why leave the comfort zone when it’s just that – comfy? Like our flagship Verreaux Pinotage, their intensity draws people in. Spoil them with a full-bodied red wine – our Reserve Drift Fusion blend will be perfect for sipping and swirling as they gaze broodingly at the crowd of festive merrymakers.


Our Recommended Wine Gifts:


Alvi’s Drift 221 Pinotage

A well-rounded individual’s discerning palate deserves a full-rounded wine. Our Alvi’s Drift 221 Pinotage is a South African classic that even the greatest red wine connoisseur is bound to approve of.


Alvi’s Drift Signature Merlot

Give the gift of luxury in a bottle with our Alvi’s Drift Signature Merlot. Its firm, velvety and well-balanced tannins mean it’s ready for immediate enjoyment. However, those with the patience for another 2-3 years of maturation are in for a future treat.


The White Wine Purist

Always ready with a witty remark, this wine enthusiast loves nothing more than bantering with friends, a fine glass of white wine swirling in one hand. Their perfectionistic nature means only the best will do, so be sure to go all out when wine shopping for this discerning individual! A bottle of Alvi’s Drift Reserve Sauvignon Blanc should go down a treat. Or perhaps an aromatic Alvi’s Drift Signature Viognier – it’s as intense as they are.


Our Recommended Wine Gifts:


Alvi’s Drift Icon Albertus Viljoen Chardonnay

Even the purist who’s sampled just about every premium white wine on the market is bound to recognise just how exceptional our Alvi’s Drift Icon Albertus Viljoen Chardonnay is. Its complex and fruit-driven character makes it the ideal drink for sipping on a lazy summer afternoon.


Alvi’s Drift 221 Chenin Blanc

Perfect for the epicurean, our Alvi’s Drift 221 Chenin Blanc pairs beautifully with a soft cheese platter or delicately grilled fish served with a lemon butter drizzle. It’s undeniably a wine best shared with friends, making it the ideal drink for our white wine-loving social butterfly. Enjoy this wine at a holiday luncheon, a casual get-together beneath a shaded pergola or at a posh picnic on a perfectly manicured lawn.


The Connoisseur

Offer this fine wine appreciator anything from a screw-capped bottle, and they’re likely to run for the hills. Our connoisseur goes out of their way to track down those first-growth Bordeaux, and they’re more than happy to pay a premium for the privilege of adding it to their extensive (and ever-so-valuable) wine collection. Present your connoisseur with our premium Alvi’s Drift Icon Albertus Viljoen Chenin Blanc – that will keep you in their good graces for life!


Our Recommended Wine Gifts:

For the connoisseur: Single Albertus Viljoen Bismarck in a luxurious wooden box


Alvi’s Drift Sparkling Brut Nature Cap Classique

Known for its delightfully dry character, racing bubbles and memorable mousse, our Alvi’s Drift Sparkling Brut Nature Cap Classique is an absolute must for the bona fide wine connoisseur. Its lively palate and crisp, biscuity finish will tempt them to pop the cork long before a special occasion presents itself!


The Indecisive Enthusiast

It’s a simple fact that every wine connoisseur was once a novice trying to find their feet in the often-overwhelming world of wine. This connoisseur-in-the-making is still in their experimental phase – trying different varietals, cultivars and blends to discover which they like best. Selecting a gift for them can be tricky, since their tastes seem to change faster than that of a hyper-decanted wine.


Our Recommended Wine Gift:

Alvi’s Drift Online Shop Gift Voucher

Give yourself a break by giving this new-to-wine lover the gift of choice. You can never go wrong with an Alvi’s Drift online gift voucher.


The Wine Geek

It’s all about quirky cultivars, famous vintages and little-known wine gadgets for this geeky type! Their wine trivia knowledge is second to none and knows no bounds. Rest assured that if there’s a new wine anything on the market, they’re already plotting ways to acquire it.


Our Recommended Wine Gift:

Indeed, this wine lover has (almost) tried and seen it all... Now, it’s time to put the wine nerd on your festive shopping list to the test. How? By giving them a nifty gadget that will ensure they always serve their guests their favourite wines at precisely the right temperature!

Degreeable’s colour-changing stickers indicate when a wine bottle’s contents are too warm, too cold or just perfect for enjoying. These intriguing little stickers even continue changing colour as temperatures fluctuate and are available for red, white and rosé wines.


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We’ve but given you a taste of the spectacular wine gifts we have for each wine aficionado on your festive shopping list. Our online store has so much more to offer the bubbly lovers, red wine aficionados, white wine purists and beyond!

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