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Reserve Muscat Nectarinia

Dessert Wine
100% Muscat Blanc á Petits Grains

Previously known as the Reserve Muscat de Frontignan, this dazzling dessert wine’s captivating copper hue reflects both the perfect ripeness of the grapes, and time spent developing in oak barrels. Alvi’s Drift Nectarinia delivers a profusion of rich, ripe pineapple, grape, and marmalade with notes of potpourri; deliciously enveloped in caramel with hints of exotic spice. It boasts a viscous, decadent mouthfeel and a sweetness that is elegantly balanced with energising acidity, persisting to an endless finish. It has excellent ageing potential of up to 20 years.

R1 200 R900
6 x 375 ml
R150 per Bottle

The vintage depends on availability and cannot be selected during online purchases.
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Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2021: Gold
Veritas Awards 2021: Gold

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The vintage depends on availability and cannot be selected during online purchases.
Cultivar, analysis and award information of all vintages is for informational purposes only.
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    2016: 14,2%


    2016: 3,5 g/l


    2016: 6,3 g/l

  • pH

    2016: 3,2


Served between 4-8 ˚C, this wine will complement any citrus-based dessert, as well as Crème brûlée, fresh fruit salad or rich cheeses such as Munster, Epoisses de Bourgogne or Reblochon.


The wine labels on bottles from our Reserve range feature an illustration of Alvi’s Drift, the low-water bridge over the Breede River cutting through the family farm. Our patriarch, Albertus Viljoen “Oupa Alvi” van der Merwe, was instrumental in having this bridge built back in 1930.

Oupa Alvi’s son Bertie started wine production on the family farm and today Bertie’s son, Alvi’s Drift winemaker Alvi van der Merwe produces the winery’s award-winning South African wines, enjoyed by wine lovers around the globe.

Our Alvi’s Drift Reserve range is the culmination of our pursuit of excellence in producing outstanding wines of unrivalled complexity.


With an ideal Mediterranean microclimate, an abundance of soil diversity and water from the life-giving Breede River, the Alvi’s Drift vineyards are ideally positioned for producing remarkable South African wines of unique character and complexity.

Made in very limited quantities from old blocks of Muscat de Frontignan (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains), this wine takes its name from the iridescent green Nectarinia Famosa (also known as the Malachite sunbird) which frolics in our vineyards during harvest time.


In the Alvi’s Drift cellar, our winemaking team strongly focuses on preserving the fruit-driven expression of the grapes that go into our award-winning South African wines.

For this wine, optimally ripe grapes with a balling of 40° are hand-picked in the cool early morning hours from vineyards aged between 25-40 years, specially selected for their ability to yield high sugar while still maintaining quality and vibrancy of flavour.

After crushing, prior to fortification, grapes are left on skinsto allow for the full extraction of crystallised sugar in dried berries. Thereafter, wine is matured in old oak barrels for 48 months.


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R110 per Bottle x 6
R780 R660
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R1 200 R900
R150 per Bottle x 6
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