Explore Alvi’s Drift’s Award-Winning Wines of 2022

Alvi’s Drift enjoyed a fruitful 2022 with various accolades. Discover what goes into award-winning wines, such as our Signature Merlot and Reserve CVC.

Explore Alvi’s Drift’s Award-Winning Wines of 2022

We couldn’t be more thankful for 2022 since our dedicated winemaking team’s efforts earned us numerous honours. As Alvi’s Drift’s award-winning wines include a variety of reds and whites, we have a bottle everyone can enjoy – regardless of taste or budget.

Alvi’s Drift is no stranger to winning wine awards since our winery has received much local and international recognition over the years. Each of our wine ranges also bears various accolades, from our ‘great for the price of good’ Signature range to our bold-yet-elegant Flagship range.

Let’s take a closer look at six wines from three popular Alvi’s Drift ranges. Learn what makes each stand out and, above all, discover new favourites to add to your collection.

Alvi’s Drift produces award-winning red, white and sparkling wines.


Alvi’s Drift’s 2022 Award-Winning Wine Highlights

Following an excellent award season, our Breede River winery is quite a few laurels richer. Each of the award-winning wines we highlight today was also a 2022 best-seller.

Prestigious institutions who have chosen to honour our wines with awards include:

  • The Vitis Vinifera Awards: An acclaimed local award founded to recognise only the best, high-quality South African grape-derived spirits and wines.
  • The Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards: A prestigious international award founded to give local (and later international) producers the opportunity to have their wines judged by a distinguished panel of global professionals.
  • The Veritas Awards: A widely recognised, esteemed and long-running South African brandy and wine competition, these awards are well-regarded as an authentic symbol of excellence.
  • SAWi: The South African Wine Index uses an Algorithm of Excellence to highlight multi-vintage wines whose quality scores 93+ out of 100 points. These wines embody the best of the Cape wine industry and unify the top wine producers beneath a single luxury banner – the Grand Wines Collection.

Get to know our third-generation Breede River Valley winery.


Gold-Winners From Our Signature Range

Our Alvi’s Drift Signature range consists of outstanding, fresh-and-fruity wines of extraordinary value.


Alvi’s Drift Signature Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp and well-balanced with aromas of granadilla and gooseberry, our Signature Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect summertime tipple.


This shimmering, pale-straw-coloured wine won Gold in the 2022 Vitis Vinifera Awards and Double Gold in the 2022 Gold Wine Awards.


Want to learn more about this popular white varietal? Then read our blog, Everything You Need to Know About Sauvignon Blanc Wines.


Alvi’s Drift Signature Merlot

Ripe and intense, our Signature Merlot is a beautiful balancing act of oak, fruit and tannin. Aromas of black cherry and plum with hints of mixed spice and chocolate make it an excellent companion to a host of meat and pasta dishes.


Best of all? This delectable red wine is exceptionally light on your pocket. As a result, it won Gold in the Ultra Value Wine Challenge.


Gold Award-Winning Wines From Our 221 Range

After scoring the first try on African soil against the All Blacks in 1928, our founder, Albertus Viljoen ‘Alvi’ van der Merwe, became the 221st player to don a Springbok rugby jersey.

The 221 range pays tribute to both our family patriarch and our national team.


Alvi’s Drift 221 Chenin Blanc

Refreshing yet complex, our 221 Chenin Blanc boasts flavours of ripe white peach and stewed apple with just a dash of blossom honey. A velvety mouthfeel and lingering finish complete this easy-drinking, award-winning white wine.

Our 221 Chenin Blanc received the following accolades:

  • Ranked among the Top 10 in the Standard Bank Chenin Blanc Top 10 Challenge
  • Double Gold in the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards
  • Double Gold in the NWC & Top 100
  • Gold in the International Wine & Spirits Awards: Spain


Alvi’s Drift 221 Special Cuvée Blend

Wine lovers who enjoy blended wines will tell you the myth that wine blends are inferior to single-cultivar wines is just that – an unfounded myth. Simply sample our 221 Special Cuvée Blend to test this theory for yourself. This medium- to full-bodied wine boasts aromas of ripe mulberry, red cherry and lavender, making it singularly extraordinary.

The delicious red blend was among our biggest winners of 2022, recognised with the following accolades:

  • Double Gold in the Ultra Value Wine Challenge
  • Gold in the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Awards: Spain
  • Gold in the International Wine & Spirits Awards: Spain
  • Gold in the Lumo Awards (SA Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards)
  • Gold in the Gold Wine Awards


Gold-Winning Reserve Range Wines

Our Reserve range comprises wines that epitomise our unyielding dedication to excellence. Widely lauded for their exceptional character and depth, each of these wines is remarkable in its own right.


Alvi’s Drift Reserve CVC Blend

A marvellous blend of Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Chardonnay, our Reserve CVC boasts a delightfully complex bouquet of peach, hazelnut, honeysuckle and stewed quince, with just a whisper of butterscotch.


The Reserve CVC blend is a poised wine that boasts well-balanced tannins and acidity, lingering to an unforgettable finish.


Our popular Reserve CVC secured a total of seven awards in 2022:

  • Gold in the Veritas Awards
  • Gold in the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition: Spain
  • Grand Cru National Champion Best In Class in the NWC & Top 100
  • Top 100 & Double Platinum Awards in the NWC & Top 100
  • 90 Points in the Tim Atkins South Africa Report
  • Gold in the International Wine & Spirits Awards: Spain
  • Gold in the Lumo Awards (SA Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards)


Alvi’s Drift Reserve Drift Fusion Blend

An intensely aromatic Cape blend, our Reserve Drift Fusion evokes the spirit of the festive season, thanks to its flavours of ripe cherry, blackberry and plum. These aromas are complemented by notes of cashew, spice and vanilla.

This full-bodied red blend, with its firm tannins and lingering fruity finish, received the following 2022 awards:

  • Gold in the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition: Spain
  • Top 100 & Double Platinum Awards in the NWC & Top 100
  • Gold in the International Wine & Spirits Awards: Spain


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